9 Best Hunting Boots for Cold Weather (And for Any Terrain or Weather) Reviewed

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Hunting is not only a sport but also a way to be intimate with nature. To make this intimacy come true you must put an end to ground obstacles. This is where hunting boots save the treacherous trip making your feet protected. However, selecting the best hunting boots for cold weather or any terrain or weather is in itself a significant challenge.

I know that.

And you should put some focus on this hunting boot selection rather being focusing only on the field. Due to the tons of options and features people often get confused and end up with a wrong hunting boot.

This article will help you to avoid that bad luck. Moreover, this writing is a complete guide of tips and buying guide also.

I have made top 9 hunting boots review for any terrain and weather, focusing on the cold. Let’s jump right in!

In case you are in a hurry, here’s my top pick for you. But, do care to read the reviews!

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Why you need Specialized Hunting Boots for any weather?

You must be wondering why you pay a specialized boot while you can finish it with a rain shoe?

Seriously? Wait, no. Hunting is not all about going in the field and start shooting.

For starters, shooting may seem like easy fun, but for the true hunter, it is all about persistence. While the deer are grazing you need to move around the area and take the best possible position.

To cap it off, there are mud, swamp, water, snow, thorn and many more waiting to make your feet shout in discomfort.

Reasons to opt for a specialized hunting boot are evident from this discussion and they are numerous.

To start with, waterproof hunting boots are excellent for protecting your feet from getting wet.

In addition, hunting boots for extreme cold weather are your absolute best friend by keeping your feet running.

Snake proof hunting boots protect you from any kind of snake attack if the bite is targeted on your feet.

Therefore, hunting boots have endless benefits. Having a perfect pair is going to enrich your hunting with comfort and agility over any terrain or weather.

Our Picks for the Best Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

Coming up with the top hunting boots wasn’t easy. There are simply endless options and each has something special to offer. But after long research and on the job discussion we ended up with some best products available on the market.

Our Top Pick

1. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Hiking Boot

Kenetrek had been found in 2002 and since it has grown in a reputable boot manufacturer among the outdoor enthusiasts. This Italian Company produces some best hunting boots in its class.

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No wonder, Kenetrek mountain extreme 400 hiking boots wear the crown for best-hunting boots. Made with pure 2.8mm full-grain leather on top of stiff Nylon midsole, this boot is built to last. This has an awesome rugged look with a fairly comfortable weight.

I have discussed the main criteria for selecting a hunting boot and this one complies with them all comfortably. Sometimes, I wonder why any American made boots do not even compete with this quality.

This pair is costly but worth the penny with tons of features it has to offer. Its Windtex waterproof barrier keeps it away from any kind of water leakage even in wet-frozen conditions, like Alaska.

To cap it off, this pair is insulated with Windtex breathable membrane and 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation. This insulation is for extremely cold weather and any terrain. Not only in cold weather but also in hot weather this can be handy.

Furthermore, this boot is fairly comfortable according to our uses (and many). However, like any other boots, this one also needs a break. The boot tongue is a little stiff and this is the place where the break is needed. Depending on your tour a 20 miles walk would be it.

Where things get even more interesting is the traction it has yet after all these features. K-talon outsoles provide excellent traction. This pair also has awesome ankle support too. Lots of support from high arches too.

The laces are so perfectly distributed that it fits with your feet just right. The eye rings and hooks are extremely built to withstand any pressure on the laces. Laces itself are very strong.

This pair can be your last boot to buy. Still, everything has something negative.


  • Great insole support
  • Extremely durable
  • Very comfortable
  • There is also a non-insulated version


  • Expensive
  • Reportedly not 100% waterproof
  • Sometimes need to use extra shoe glue

2. LOWA Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

This German boot manufacture company has been acclaimed by outdoor fanatics for over 80 years. LOWA GTX trekking boot is another pair to add to that glory.

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This pair is well known as a go-to hunting boot for backpackers. Moreover, carrying more load will be OK with this boot.

Comfort is something that can never be compromised. Like other boots, after a slight break, this boot is super comfortable. The seamless feature will keep your feet dry, while the perforated lining will keep your feet moisture-free in the long run.

Without the insulation, it still manages to withstand temperatures near 0 degrees Celsius. The use of a sock is all you need to do for more extreme weather. That indicates good insulation without the insulation system present.

Padded tongue and collar, flexfit natural ankle flex all combine together for greater support for a hunter’s feet and ankle. An anatomically C4 contoured tongue is another visible benefit of this pair.

This pair is reportedly and tested waterproof. One of the main concerns of us, hunters. That means it can save you from the ice water spillage in the cold weather.

In addition, the no-spillage lacing system teamed up with a full-length rubber rand for one purpose-grip. The one feature that gives you an added benefit with any terrain, no slipping.

Sometimes, I think this one should be in the first place.


  • Not overweight
  • Good for carrying extra 50lb of load
  • Solid grip
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable


  • The ankle may ache sometimes
  • The stock sole is not that great

3. Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Hunting Boot

With a cheaper price tag and excellent quality, this American brand hunting boot gets the third spot. But let me be honest, this Irish Setter hunting boot is made in China. So, if you have issues with made in China, better skip this option spot on!

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Although, with a made in China label, it is surprisingly made well. Irish setter hunting boots are in the field for a long time, with reputation.

At first sight, your expression can be a little weird as the boot is truly massive. This boot is really high which is going to make you look taller and improve your stature. With a little movement around your feet, this is a snug fit boot but really comfortable in any terrain.

Laces are another good point to note. They are well distributed, which helps to tighten the extra leather portion to hold on in the position. Top laces ensure proper fit with the leg. Moreover, the comfort gets ten folds more with ankle support.

Ankle support is very widely distributed, not to ache on the ankle. To cap it off, there is a 3M insulation system that ensures proper insulation in cold weather. Yet, this is just great for summer too.

The Geo-tex seal makes it remarkably good at waterproofing. But it is not going to be wise submerging this boot in water. Even you get wet, scent-ban technology it going to trap any wet or bad smell by killing the odor-producing bacteria.

Massive yet this one is silent. The amount of noise this size boots produce, none of the behavior is present in this pair.


  • Waterproof
  • Excellent fit and surface grip
  • Insulation
  • Scent-ban technology
  • Any terrain fit


  • Heavy
  • Three lairs of soles which can separate
  • Lace tie hooks are unavailable for a lower portion

4. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

Just give me a moment to stare at it! This is an awesome dual texture boot with a camo pattern, for which you would definitely love to stare.

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Danner hunting boots are famous for its quality product for a long time. American brand Danner produced this masterpiece for hunting in cold weather by making it breathable and waterproof, period.

The manufacturer could have managed to make it a little high but still, it manages to hold the water out comfortably. Yet having water pretty much up to the top of the tongue, it remained waterproof. GORE-TEX waterproof construction makes it literally waterproof.

Moreover, you can use this pair both for hunting and outdoors. With a rubber sole, it provides excellent traction both in and out.

One interesting feature I want to share before anything is the lace-up system. They have some lace clips to hold the laces in the clip so that they don’t fall out in hunting. One outer push is enough to snap them out of clip making the boot easier than ever to take off.

Being waterproof doesn’t mean it has to be a complete vacuum boot. This Danner boot is both waterproof and breathable, keeping your feet warm and dry.

To cap it off, there is 1200g insulation for serious warmth in extreme weather. Standing and stacking pray in still hunting is no issue anymore with this pair. In still hunting it can get lower to 0 degrees. Your feet are bound to stay warm with this boot.

This true fit, rugged-looking, ultra comfort boot is made for hunting in cold weather. Once a Danner is always a Danner!


  • Premier-performance warm
  • Waterproof
  • Ortholite cushion insole
  • Breathable
  • Proper grip
  • Good for still hunting


  • Heavy at first us

5. Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Winter Boot

This American sportswear company is well known for its winter boots, this Columbia bugaboot is another one in that glory. However, this pair is imported.

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Please note, this is not going to be like the typical hunting boot we all know so far. But I put this on the list as something for heavy snowy winter. This boot is very reputed in its class.

Well known as an all-purpose boot, this one is one of the top choices among hikers. Let’s start with their heavily advertised Omni-heat reflective liner with 200g of synthetic insulation, which is excellent to keep you rolling in the heavy snow.

While the Omni-heat technology traps the heat generated from your feet inside the boot, yet there is enough breathing available. Which ensures your feet do not sweat.

While being extremely comfortable from the first use, it still manages to be very sturdy. There is no breaking on the nose for a year of use!

Fabric lacing eyelets ensure a long-lasting and safe lacing system. We have tested a lace-up Columbia boot submerging half in a bucket full of icy water. And they were waterproof, period.

While hunting involves terrains like in grass, ankle-high water, mud or even swamp, this boot can save your feet from all of those. The arch support and Achilles support is great, back of the ankle support is stiff on the first run but you get used to it in a very short time.

Columbia boots have some patented technology on footwear, which ensures the quality of feet support of this pair.

If you ever visit Russia, you will find that most of the people are wearing Columbia shoes. This is why Columbia boots are a great fit for heavy winter.

Only one shortcoming of this pair is the traction. To be specific, this one is very good on any surface except glare ice. Snow is no problem for this one.


  • Solid waterproofing
  • Best for worst winter condition
  • Lightweight yet comfortable


  • Low traction on smooth ice
  • Reportedly inner Omni-heat lining starts tearing after 1 or 2 years of use

6. Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

Probably the best rubber hunting boots available on the market. However, rubber boots are versatile in variation and use. Kamik Hunter boots, made in Canada are a great option for hunting in cold weather.

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While the point is rubber boots, there are two majors feature is involved. Waterproofing and cold resistance. This Kamik hunter boot does these two tasks with ease.

Rubber boots are normally great resistance for water, so is the Kamik. The adjustable drawstring at top-line features extra protection for water.

My first impression for this boot was, it’s not a trendsetter. But it performs what it is supposed to do perfectly.

Although, being a bit heavy at first the boot quickly broke producing a snug fit. Moreover, they are very flexible which is mandatory for proper traction. Flexible boots are also good for your feet’s health. Soft flexible rubber makes quite footsteps on the walk.

As a snug fit, there is plenty of space inside for your warm sock. Inside liner is also a great thing for keeping inside the area warm in the harsh cold.

However, their polyester fleece is a bit tight but will stretch out in a couple of days. There are no other tightness issues rather than this one.

Some people have used it in the ice for straight 8 hours and their feet never got cold. As a bonus (duty), this keeps feet warm and dry even in the long run.

Although -40 degrees F is a little exaggerated to claim, but yet it manages quite well in harsh conditions as the insulation is very nice and thick.


  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Good grip
  • Warm
  • Cheap


  • Not good for long hikes

7. Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot

Rocky is a great brand in the outdoor category. And then there it is. On the first impression, I fall in love with the brown leather outlook it has. Too much love for this look.

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In addition, there is some great quality too with this awesome outlook. Plus, the bear claw outsole is going to grip even the water (not really). Any terrain, mountain, oil, and the industry it can handle.

Having a leather boot is a blessing. Just get back home and polish with shoe polish and you get the shine back! However, they are rugged and tough too.

Although they are made of leather and a strong outsole, this is really comfortable from the inside. It feels great when a tough military-grade boot feels comfortable.

Walking through muddy and wet terrain is not going to beat this boot. This one is as dedicated to waterproofing as it is in style. A rugged rubber sole is another twist for waterproofing. Rocky sounds hard in its name. They are also hard in real!

Polartec and Thinsulate offer great insulation in cold weather. Hunting in cold weather was never a problem with this one.

If you have a wider than average feet you might want to take a trial on this pair. There is enough room for a sock, still a snug fit.

In some cases it lasted for over two years, lucky you! Flexible, warm, waterproof, traction anything else?


  • 100% waterproof unless you go for a scuba dive
  • Comfortable yet warm
  • Stylish


  • May get some blisters

8. Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 800 Gram Hunting Boot

I was going to end up with an Under Armor hunting boot but did not wish to waste time both of you and me. So, it’s Irish Setter again!

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As described earlier an Italian brand rocking the industry by keeping their promise of great hunting boots. And this 800-gram boot is even more comfortable than the 1200 gram boot. I think so!

Excellent boots for elk or deer hunting in places like Colorado. The textile and synthetic mixture which formed the camouflage is excellent for your feet.

9 inch lace-up is average height but this is great for comfort. Yet comfortable but rugged, tough on the weather.

I do not know how this 800 gram supposedly produces more warmth than the 1200 gram boots, but they are way lighter. This might be for the Prima Loft insulation the manufacturer used with the boot. Whatever it is, that really works.

Removable comfort cork EVA footbed with a memory foam (!) produces a pleasantly comfortable cushion for your feet. Use a half size plus then your normal size, which will be excellent for using any heat sock.

There’s nothing much to say about the waterproof property of Irish Setter boots. And this one is no exception. Ultra dry waterproofing technology is guaranteed to keep you dry in any condition.

Even if you sweat, its scent ban technology helps to trap the odor inside.

The extra protective covering on shoes and toe gives you excellent support to your feet. Extra warmth and comfort will keep you going in any terrain.

This pair is committed to traveling along with you for a long time.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Scent ban technology
  • Awesome insulation


  • Can be a problem with a size

9. MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boots

This USA based company is making some worthy boots since the ’90s. And I have to say, this one is another great make.

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Before moving on, let me clear something about their advertising method. Although they have mentioned Arctic Pro, which is exaggerating from its purpose. Hunting includes some stationary move and this one pair is not going to help you in it quite. Otherwise, it’s a good deal.

OK! Was that something negative I said? I just wanted to be frank in the first place. Moving forward, this boot is great for the warmth you need to move in heavy ice. Add a sock and you are about to forget cold in these boots.

There is nothing to say about the built quality of this boot as it is a MuckBoot and they are always built well. Molded outsole with a synthetic and fabric combination produced an excellent hunting boot.

However, I can’t say this one is best-insulated rubber hunting boot. Yet, they are really good with waterproof ability, warmth, comfort or grip.

Moving on to waterproof ability, this one does the job with ease. Solid built rubber shoe with a waterproof shaft and upper with stretch-fit topline. Molded outsole ensures great traction on the surface.

People complained about the neoprene getting torn apart. But this one is really sturdy, which indicates harsh use but the user end. If you are running in the bush you can’t really wish too much from a rubber boot, whatsoever.


  • Easy to put on and off for a rubber boot
  • Waterproof
  • Camouflage version available


  • Neoprene is not too strong
  • Not good for extreme cold and stationary hunting

How To Choose The Right Hunting Boot

Let’s check out this video to make things clear.

Things to Consider While Buying a Hunting Boot

Well, not only the product description or features you should know but also a few points you need to focus on while selecting the best pair for you. Otherwise, you are going to end up reading the return policy!

Fit: Perfect fit is a thing that implies any kind of shoes, but even more with hunting boots. You need to focus on your hunt, not on the bad fit of shoes. If you have a wingtip that is hurting, better take it off while you are sitting. You don’t want to get stuck with your not so fit hunting shoes in the middle of a hunting tour. Always consider getting a size upper than your normal size shoe. Before taking them out for the first time, always walk around the house or for a mile to break them off properly.

Waterproofing: Water or ice, two main elements you have to go through while hunting. And to protect your feet from getting wet a hunting boot must possess the waterproof capacity. Only that’s when you can move through ice, mud, swamp, puddles, and areas of standing water. Without waterproofing, you are just going to end up like wet underpants. Gore-Tex lining waterproofing boots will cost more but they are worth buying.

Laces: Laces are something that gets always overlooked, but this one is of great importance. An average hunting boot laces up to the ankle with a height of 7 inches. That is good for normal hunting, but when it comes to some serious gaming you need to carry heavyweight. In these cases, they are not going to help your knees. Shifting to a higher lace-up boot is going to help your ankle with way more support than shorter lace-up boots.

Insulation: Hunting in winter is the real fun only till your feet are warm. Going far away from the campsite with a non-insulated hunting boot is going to give you frostbite due to the winter. Many manufacturers provide a different kind of insulation but few of them stand against the extreme cold. While selecting a pair to be sure to consider the snug fit of a boot. This will help to trap the heat inside. However, a too much-insulated boot is a burden in warm weather with warmth.

Terrain Usability: All boots are not for all-terrain, just like all humans can’t do all jobs. Some boots are good for hunting, some are hunting and some are for ice fishing. Read the manufacturer’s speech carefully. If you are someone who is an outdoor freak, then there are some all-purpose boots for you. But please don’t end up buying a dry mountain hiking shoe for ice fishing. You can consider reading our reviews above for a better understanding.

How to Take Care of Hunting Boots

When you become a serious hunter, you know your boots are a great responsibility. Hunting boots are not cheap investments. These require proper care in the long run.

One mistake people always make is using the boots once and leave it just like that. Dirty, caked-on mud left to dry. We clean them just before the next use. This habit decreases the boot’s outlook and performance in a drastic manner.

For completely leather hunting boots there is some product available on the market to revitalize old boots.

Follow these steps:

  • Wash all the mud or debris with a soft brush from the boot
  • Apply Beeswax on the leather
  • If you have leather plus fabric combined boot then you can wash it with soft chemical

The treatment may darken your boot’s color as a reintroduction to lost moisture from the boot.

In A Nutshell

Ending up with a wrong hunting boot is super easy. If you have already read this article, I guess this is not going to happen to you. The only thing you can get tangled with is the right size. Otherwise, there’s everything you need to know here.

Moreover, having the best hunting boots for cold weather is a great issue for your feet. So, choose wisely and use a great sock that feels comfortable. Do not get wasted on the hunting field.

Follow the above tips and start hunting! Leave a comment below if there’s anything I can do for you. Cheers!

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