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If you have ever bought a poor-performing tool, you can understand the devastating predicaments. Heavy-duty tools such as tumblers will not only affect your work but may also lead to hearing impairment. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you should put some factors into considerations.

If you read through this article, you will not only get to know the things to consider when purchasing a tumbler but also the top 5 best reloading tumblers for brass. Also, you will get to identify the best media for your tumbler and the best for cleaning and reloading. So get on reading!

5 Best Reloading Tumblers for Brass

1. Frankford arsenal platinum series: best rotary tumbler


  • The massive capacity of 7 liters that can hold up to 1000pieces
  • It has a drum on the inner lining which dampens the noise
  • End camps that allow visibility while cleaning
  • A built-in timer connected to the automatic shut off system
  • Small stainless pins for cleaning brass cases

Frankford manufacturers never disappoint when it comes to quality and high-level functionality. This rotary tumbler, which cleans and polishes brass, validates their skillful construction. It has small stainless pins which penetrate to the cases to deliver the most outstanding cleaning power.  Its inner parts have a rubber lining, which helps reduce noise and protect the brass from damage.

Also, you don’t have to wait for the tumbler until the cleaning is over to shut it down. It has a built-in timer that runs up to 3 hours and shuts off the tumbler automatically. It has a large cleaning capacity which can hold up to 1000 pieces of brass. The drum has a set of end caps that helps in separating the stainless media and allow visibility of brass while cleaning.

The construction of this tumbler features the maintenance-free design.  The drivetrain rarely requires belt replacement and also has an automatic shut off system.  Nevertheless, it is a highly versatile item. It allows cleaning using a mixture of water and brass solution, hence no need for the stainless media pins. It weighs only 18.5 pounds, thus highly portable.

2. Frankford arsenal quick-N-EZ vibratory 110v case tumbler


  • Robust construction which guarantees fast operations
  • Cord-operated tumbler hence it has the simplest operations.
  • Huge holding capacity of up to 350.223 cases
  • It has oxidation and foul removing capabilities.
  • Operates at a power rating of 110volts

It is a cord operated tumbler that has oxidation and foul removing capabilities. It is operated with arsenal walnut and corn cob media, which makes it quite compelling. In conjunction with its high-level functionalities, it works quite faster, hence, time-saving.

The main feature that sets this tumbler apart is its vast holding capacity. It can hold up to 350.223 cases, which may vary according to the size of the case. While using it, it needs to be on a flat surface with maximum stability, after plugging it in add the brass to the drum. However, you should not exceed the maximum capacity, for it slows its operations.

It will take an average of 30 minutes to clean the brass.  However, if you want the tumbler top last longer, you should not use it when wet. Its power rating is at 110volts. Hence, if you require a different model, I recommend you look at another item. It operates while vibrating; therefore, it is a quite noisy tumbler.

However, if you need a brass cleaner with the simplest operations, this item will impress you. Also, it has a compact design for storage and skillful crafting, which makes it require minimal maintenance. As a result of its sturdy construction, it functions quite faster. If you need a tumbler at a constrained budget, then you should consider this item. Its price rating is quite economical and does not compromise on the industry standards.

3. Lyman pro-1200 tumbler(115-volt)


  • It has a built-in sifter which facilitates fast media separation
  • Holding capacity of 2 pounds of media
  • In a single cycle, it cleans up to 350 cases
  • A powerful motor which has thermal protection
  • Excellent bowl design for maximum cases circulation

This item well describes durability, high-functionality economical tumbler. It is a heavy-duty brass tumbler that has a quite powerful motor that guarantees high-functionality. Besides, its dirt cleaning capabilities, it has oxidation and foul removing abilities. It is a common trend in the market that the affordable items tend to compromise the functionalities. However, with this economic tumbler, things are different. Its motor has a thermal casing that keeps it safe and sturdy for ages

Additionally, the built-in sifter of this item is another feature that takes its functionality to a higher level.  The sifter separates the media he cases faster without a need for an extra tool. The lid and the drum have a rubber lining. Consequently, they stifle the operation noise for a more serene environment. This tumbler can hold up to 350 cases and has a peak operation even when at its maximum capacity.

The bowl design of this tumbler enhances its cleaning abilities. The design facilitates an intense cascading action, which results in a constant circulation of the brass. Correspondingly, it has more significant polishing, oxidation, and foul removing capabilities. It is not a wet tumbler; hence it does not require water.

The bowl is also removable and guarantees the simplest operations. A single cycle will take approximately 1 hour. However, the time spent will also be determined by the nature of dirt on the brass. Also, the lower the brass capacity, the faster are the operations. This vibrating tumbler has a power switch, which quite eases the operations.  However, this tumbler does not have a timer or an automatic shut system. Hence, you will have to wait until the cleaning process is over.

4. Hornady 50200 Hornady M2 case tumbler


  • Foreign abrasive particles for brass scratching
  • A powerful motor that has thermal protection
  • The power rating of 110volts
  • Less noisy drum

Most of the tumblers concentrate on the functionalities and fail to care about the safety of the user. Unlike most tumblers, this product from the Hornaday manufacturers operates in a less noisy environment, which guarantees the safety of the ears. It has quite a substantial holding capacity and still works powerfully even when full. Also, its operations are quite fast. Hence, it is a time-saving tool.

It is a heavy-duty brass tumbler whose construction promises longevity. Besides its vast holding capacity, its motor is exceptionally sturdy. Consequently, it is a sturdy tumbler with exceptional cleaning and polishing powers.  Also, its operations are quite straightforward, which reduces the chances of accidents. However, the drum does not have a rubber lining

If you need an economic item that does not compromise its functionalities, then consider the Hornady tumbler. It has an excellent sifting system and yet quite affordable. The foreign abrasive particles ensure maximum scratching of the particles. The tumbler design is convenient, but it is not removable. Also, it does not have a timer or an automatic system

5. Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary tumbler


  • A powerful electric motor which is belt-driven
  • A large capacity drum that can take in 1000pieces
  • A built-in timer connected to a shut off system
  • Rubber lining that significantly dampens noise
  • Dual sifter system for pin separation

This is a heavy-duty brass tumbler that has impressive functionalities. It has a belt-driven electric motor. The exceptionally sturdy engine promises fast operations and remarkable cleaning powers. Being a skillfully constructed tumbler, it has a built-in timer. The timer is connected to a shut-off system. Consequently, it is a maintenance-free tumbler that allows you to set the timer and leave it to run other errands.

Nevertheless, if you are anticipating cleaning large amounts of brass, this tumbler will meet your expectation. It has a large drum capacity that can hold up to 1000 pieces of brass at a cycle. Its capacity does not compromise its fast operation. Hence even when maximally full, it will deliver peak operations.

Most of the tumbler’s operations are quite noisy, which may lead to hearing impairment of the user. The rubber lining of the drum does not only protect the brass but also acts as a mechanism to dampen the noise. Thus, it is a safety minding tool. Also, its’ skillful crafting guarantees the most stress-free operations. It comes with 5lbs stainless media which reaches the premiers pockets of the cases which is unlike the tumblers which use corn or nutshell

If you have used a tumbler before, you can conquer with me that separating the brass from the media is not easy. However, with this reloading brass tumbler, you can count the troubles over. It has a dual sifter system that has two pans to do the separations. One-pan separates the cases from the pins while the other pan separates the cleaning solution and the pins.

Verdict: Which is the Best Tumbler?

Having listed the most exquisite tumblers still, you might be in a dilemma on which to pick. The Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary tumbler outstand every other listed item. It has a built-in timer and a shut-off system, which is a rare feature in most of the tumblers.

The main features that set this brass cleaner apart are its dual sifter system, the belt-driven electric motor, and its vast capacity. The dual sifter system has two pans where one pan separates the cases from the pins while the other separates the pins from the cleaning solution. The electric motor is belt-driven, making it more potent for faster cleaning operations.  However, our suggestion

How to Choose the Best Reloading Tumbler

Considering the multiple tumblers in the market, it might take you forever to determine the best tumbler which will meet your expectations. Thus, to save time during the search process, you ought to be aware of the critical factors that you should look for in tumbler. Go through the highlighted factors to promise a satisfying and impressing tumbler


To determine the tumbler’s capacity, you should consider the amount of brass you are anticipating to clean. Most standard tumblers can hold up to 1000 pieces. However, you can find with higher capacities.  Also, some tumblers do not work effectively when maximally full. Thus you should consider the nature and mode of the tumbler construction

The sifter system

A sifter system is a recommendation of every tumbler that you purchase. This system helps separate the pins, cases from the cleaning solutions. The system should have a skillful construction to promise a high level of accuracy. It should also be of heavy strength materials for longevity


Just like any other power-driven tool, the motor is a critical part of a tumbler. The capabilities of the motor determine its performance and its operating speed. The powerful motor will guarantee impressive cleaning abilities. Also if you want to get a tumbler that will take a few minutes to get the brass clean, get a powerful motor

Also, the motor is prone to overheat, which may result in damages. Hence, to get an age living tumbler, the motor should have thermal protection to avoid overheating. The belt-driven motors have proved to be the most and more potent in the market

Rotary or vibratory?

Just as the name suggests, the rotary tumbler works by rotating while the vibratory works by vibrating. The rotary accommodates multiple cleaning Medias such as steel pins, corns, and cobs. However, vibratory tumblers are quite limited. The rotary is excellent when polishing an also less nosy. However, if you need a tumbler which has faster operations, then you should consider a vibrating tumbler

Best media for cleaning brass

The standard media for cleaning brass are corn cob media, walnut shell media, and stainless pins. Failure to identify the best media may result in poor performance. The stainless steel pins can only be used in a rotary tumbler and are the most excellent in cleaning and polishing brass. The walnut shell media is effective if the brass has not been cleaned in many reloads. It is the most aggressive media hence the best for intensively tarnished brass. The corn cob can be used in both vibratory and rotary tumbler. However, it is the least aggressive type of media hence useful for least tarnished media

Types of reloading tumbler

There are two main types of reloading tumblers, which are vibrating tumblers and rotating tumblers. However, the tumblers do not remove the scratches. Use sanding or buffing to remove the scratches

1. Vibratory tumblers

They work typically by vibrating to clean the brass using the corn cob media. It is most-preferred for brass reloading. It has a substantial holding capacity in a cycle. However, they are slower than their counterparts. Also, sifting in these tumblers is quite tedious hence time-consuming. As it works through vibration, the brass is subjected to vigorous buffets which may harden them

2. Rotary tumblers

These tumblers rely on gravity and have a plastic or rubber lining in the drum. They commonly use stainless steel media, which is the most effective hence highly preferred for brass cleaning. Additionally, due to the nature of the drum lining, there are less noisy than the vibratory tumblers. Also, their operations are less abrasive; hence they leave the brass in good condition. There are known to be faster and effective than the vibratory

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best tumbler for cleaning brass?

Tumblers’ constructions are quite specific according to their functionalities. The rotary tumbler is highly effective when it comes to cleaning the brass. It uses stainless steel media, which is quite useful. Also, it is less abrasive hence leaves the brass in good condition     

Which is the best tumbler for reloading?

The vibratory tumbler is the most recommendable when it comes to brass reloading. It operates by vibration hence more vigorous. It also accommodates a large capacity of brass in a cycle.

What should I consider when buying a tumbler?

To get the assurance of a high performing tumbler, there are things you should regard during the purchase. Some of them include capacity and motor. The motor should be quite sturdy to guarantee a high level of functionality and fast operations.  Also, if you want a less nosy tumbler, ensure that it has a rubber or plastic lining in the drum. Read through the buyer’s guide in this article to learn more

What should I consider when purchasing media for brass?

You should regard the tumbler type and the intensity of dirt on the brass when getting the tumbler media. The walnut shell is the most aggressive media. For intensively dirty brass. However, stainless steel is the most popular media that is used in rotary tumblers. If you have a vibratory tumbler, you will need the corn cob media

Which are the most recommendable tumblers in the market?

There are several tumblers in the market; hence getting a sturdy tool is not a problem. However, the highest rating tumblers are from the Frankford, and the Lyman manufactures. The Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary tumbler is standard in the market due to its high performance and the automatic shut off system. It also has a sifter system for separating the cases from the media

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